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&Mchele Alois&Mchele Alois

&Mchele Alois

&Mchele Alois

Snce his childhood Michele had the luck to breath arts and fabrics thanks to a long tradition in the silk weaving carried out by his family for over 130 years.
In July 2004 he started to work in his family’ s weaving factory, finding out a deep passion and a natural inclination to the design's world.
In 2007, after 3 years spent in the family textile and trimmings factories , he moved to the design studio established by his father Antonio in 1998.
As a blooming spring he brought a breath of fresh air, creating together with other talented designers and artists a collection of textile artworks.
Those handmade concepts offered to him a big opportunity to work with some top fashion brands.
This exciting experience opened his mind to the exploration of new realities and productive techniques from which he took the inspiration for creating a fabric home collection. Based on creativity and originality, the collection was a mix of new and old techniques blended together which gave a wide and varied range of unique fabrics as a result.
Alois Compagnia Creativa is now creating high end and refined fabrics for the besteditors all around the world.


&Mchele Alois &Mchele Alois

イタリア のテキスタイルデザイナー、


The GALA collection has been inspired by the preciousness and the innovation of textures and motif used for the haut couture dresses.
A refined combination between the sparkling effect of metallic and shiny yarns combined with the sophistication and simplicity of matt and natural look . The collection embodies the subtle contrast between romantic and glamour , overlapping simple and refined weaves to soft and delicate shapes. A timeless elegance enhanced by the excellent quality of the materials and the most advanced and sophisticated finishing.

& MICHELE ALOIS今回のコレクションテーマは、「コレクション・ガラ」